Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC)

The Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) exists to represent the interests of graduate students in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences as well as foster an environment of collaboration and collegiality amongst students of the various departments in the College.

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The purpose of GSAC is to:

  • Provide a formal vehicle for graduate student participation in the betterment of the College by shaping an environment that promotes mutual respect, builds teams, and creates a compelling place to work and learn.
  • Increase the efficiency and scope of communication within the College and University by:
    • Serving as the graduate student voice/liaison to the Dean;
    • Relaying communication from the Dean to graduate students;
    • Facilitating cross-departmental and cross-campus graduate student communication and collaboration through relationships with departmental graduate student groups;
    • Broadening university-wide communication through its relationship with the Council of Graduate Students; and
    • To develop professional development opportunities and social events, as well as encourage camaraderie between the various campuses, departments, and research groups in the college.

GSAC reserves one representative position for each CFAES graduate program and campus location.

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Note, as of spring 2023, the GSAC voted to have open membership, allowing any CFAES graduate students to participate in meetings and committee activities. These members do not hold voting rights on official matters, however are welcome to attend meetings and express any opinions or ideas to the group. Each CFAES-affiliated graduate program is granted 2 voting members, identified as full GSAC representatives.

Read the full GSAC Bylaws, here.

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