GSAC Representatives

table of GSAC membership



Nicole Volk*, MS (2023-2024) ACEL
Vacant AEDE
Michelle Wright, MS (2024-2025) Animal Sciences Columbus
Mauricio Oliveira, PhD (2024-2025) Animal Sciences Wooster
Afsoon Sabet, PhD (2024-2026) Entomology Columbus
Erick Martinez Rodriguez*, MS (2024-2025) Entomology Wooster
Erika Wright, PhD (2024-2026) ESGP
Vacant FABE Columbus
Vacant FABE Wooster
Vacant FST Columbus
Vacant HCS Columbus
Camila Gutierrez Manriquez, PhD (2023-2025) HCS Wooster
Dakota Dustin, PhD (2022-2024) OSUN Columbus
Aleacia Laird*, MS (2023-2025) Plant Path Columbus
Camila Perdoncini Carvalho*, PhD (2022-2025) Plant Path Wooster
Vacant Professional Programs (MAE, MENR, MPHM)
Dylan Darter, MS (2024-2025) SENR Columbus
Vacant SENR Wooster

*indicates member of the executive leadership

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