Aligning Approaches and Methodologies to your Research and Research Question

Your decisions as a researcher matters! As Dr. Kakali Bhattacharya (2017) states, “By now you should be aware of the fact that qualitative research is not only diverse, but there is no one correct way of designing or conducting a qualitative study” (p. 92), but this can be confusing for scholars new to qualitative research. This session is focuses on various decisions that you will make as a qualitative researcher. For example, we will discuss the qualitative research approaches and their congruent methodologies and methods. We will also brainstorm different methods for data collection, data analysis, and trustworthiness. If time and interest, we can also discuss the politics of dissertation committees and how to make sure you are prepared with all the information you need for a successful meeting. Come ready to learn and engage.

About the Presenter:
Penny A. Pasque is professor in Educational Studies and Director of Qualitative Methods and the QualLab in the Office of Research, Innovation and Collaboration (ORIC) in College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University. In addition, she is editor of the Review of Higher Education (with Thomas F. Nelson Laird), which is considered one of the leading research journals in the field. Her research addresses complexities in qualitative inquiry, in/equities in higher education, and dis/connections between higher education and society. An ACPA Senior Scholar, Dr. Pasque’s research has appeared in approximately 100 journal articles and books, including in The Review of Higher Education, The Journal of Higher Education, Qualitative Inquiry, Diversity in Higher Education, among others. Her qualitative books include Qualitative Inquiry in Higher Education Organization and Policy Research (with Lechuga, Routledge), Qualitative Inquiry for Equity in Higher Education: Methodological Innovations, Implications, and Interventions (with Carducci, Kuntz & Gildersleeve, Jossey-Bass).