OUAB in the Kitchen: At-Home Edition - Breakfast for Dinner

Join OUAB for OUAB in the Kitchen: At-Home Edition: Breakfast for Dinner for a chance to cook a meal of your own under the guidance of the Union's own professional chef, Chef Wolf. Following a cooking demonstration by the chef, students will create the menu providing a unique hands-on learning opportunity virtually, from the comfort of their own home. In this fun and interactive environment students will enjoy a delicious meal and gain useful culinary skills to show off in their own kitchens. Whether you're are a master chef in your own kitchen or a novice, there is an OUAB in the Kitchen program for you!

The menu will feature Shakshuka-a classic stew with poached eggs, garbanzo beans, Moroccan spices, tomatoes and mild peppers, chipotle sauce, scallion and cilantro accents. Spice rubbed pita crisps accompaniment.