OUAB in the Kitchen: At-Home Edition - Market Basket Free-Style Cooking

Join OUAB for OUAB in the Kitchen: At-Home Edition: Market Basket Free-Style Cooking for a chance to cook a meal of your own under the guidance of the Union's own professional chef, Chef Wolf. Following a cooking demonstration by the chef, students will create the menu providing a unique hands-on learning opportunity virtually, from the comfort of their own home. In this fun and interactive environment students will enjoy a delicious meal and gain useful culinary skills to show off in their own kitchens. Whether you're are a master chef in your own kitchen or a novice, there is an OUAB in the Kitchen program for you!

The menu will feature a mystery basket of ingredients where students will create their own series of creations. The video for this session will show Chef Wolf preparing dishes from the basket that can be replicated, or students may choose an entertaining at home “chopped” style event.