Using Technology in Qualitative Research

This workshop introduces Nvivo12 as a tool to organize and manage qualitative data for analysis. Nvivo12 is a powerful qualitative analysis software that is amenable to support various qualitative theoretical or methodological approaches. This workshop is designed to facilitate participants’ fundamental knowledge on how Nvivo12 review, as well as conduct initial analysis of large qualitative dataset using Nvivo12. This workshop is designed as an interactive lecture and consultation—exploring the basics of Nvivo12 and how Nvivo12 expedites literature reviews. Upon completion of this workshop, participants would have gained applicable knowledge on the basic features of Nvivo12, and how to begin a literature review using Nvivo12â. Participants are not required to have prior experience with Nvivo12. as Dr. McMillian will guide participants through the basic elements of Nvivo12. This workshop is appropriate for graduate students, early career scholars, and advance researchers desiring to expand their knowledge of advance methods in qualitative analysis.

About the Presenter:
Rhodesia McMillian is a Postdoctoral Scholar of Educational Policy in the Educational Studies Department and a nationally certified school psychologist. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Utilizing critical methodologies and theories, she is an interdisciplinary scholar whose research bridges K-12 education reform law, education policy, elementary and secondary educational governance, special education law, and sociology. Dr. McMillian’s primary scholarship investigates how federal, state and local education policies impact the educational experiences of students of color and students with disabilities, as well as the ways in which educational disparities persist in k-12 public education.