Evaluation of different molecules to control spider mites in Hemp grown on two different media

Research Poster
Nuris Acosta
Research Scientist
Luis Canas
Department of Entomology

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) production for CBD oil (industrial hemp) is a growing industry in the USA, and now growers in Ohio will be able produce it following ODA regulations starting in the spring 2020. Tetranychus urticae Koch (TSSM) is one of the most common pests found on indoor hemp production (Cervantes 2006) (Figure 1-2). Few products are registered for the control of TSSM in hemp and basic information about their efficacy is needed. Several of the products tested were better than the untreated control. The best product was the technical comparison Sirocco. Pyganic and the rotation of Pyganic – Ancora or Pyganic – Azera (in Bato bucket) provided some control. However, it is important that control methods are started when spider mite populations are low.