Ditch-style Filters for Mitigating Dissolved Phosphorus Losses

Research Poster
Vinayak Shedekar
Post Doctoral
Margaret Kalcic
Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

It has been established that spring dissolved reactive Phosphorus (DRP) loads drive the extent of HABs in the Western Lake Erie Basin. Many practices intended for mitigating P losses are intended to reduce particulate P transport and are usually not effective in controlling DRP transport. Phosphorus removal structures or P-filters are primarily intended to trap and filter the “legacy” DRP in runoff and drainage water. Trench filters or ditch style filters are desirable due to a narrower footprint, and the dual utility in terms of P removal as well as a water conveyance. Although, the ditch-style P filter shows promise, limited work has been done to evaluate the design and performance of such systems. In this study, we evaluate performance of a ditch P removal structure for treating subsurface drainage water. The P-filter showed promising DRP removal efficiency of up to 30%.