Grievance procedures

The university gives students several options for filing complaints and grievances, depending upon the context of the situation and the type of student.

In the academic context, undergraduate and graduate students are advised to resolve any dispute or grievance with the person or persons most closely involved – starting with the course instructor or graduate advisor (PI). If that does not produce an acceptable result, the student is advised to work with a department level administrator (such as a graduate program coordinator, department chair, or graduate program chair), the college (graduate program manager, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, Dean), and finally the Graduate School administration for a resolution.

If the complaint is not resolved to satisfaction, students are encouraged to file a grievance with the office of undergraduate education or the graduate school. Grievance procedures are outlined in the PDF linked below. This document also provides links to departmental graduate program handbooks, which outline specific procedures within each graduate program.

Download grievance processes PDF